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Workshops will be offered concurrently during both the morning and afternoon.

During registration you will identify your morning and afternoon workshop preference.

We are approved to offer 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Counselors/Clinical Counselors and Social Workers/Indpendent Social Workers.

True Body Project: Connecting Through Soma and Story

Stacy Sims

True Body Project: Connecting through Soma and Story is a workshop designed for youth and adults to have a led, shared experience of reflecting on how our stories are both unique and universal. Participants will engage in easy warm up, mind/body exercises designed to help create a sense of grounded, somatic (of the body) safety and connectedness. Short writing prompts will be used to help each participant craft a short, personal narrative. The sharing of these stories allows each participant a chance to be heard and seen.

Strategies to Effectively Engage Youth

David Weaver

Participants will benefit from the learning that has occurred during more than two years of engaging 500 youth around the concepts of community, engagement, teamwork, and leadership. Assumptions will be interrogated, motivations will be challenged, and capacity to develop and mentor youth will be assessed through examination of individual and organizational Authority, Authenticity, and Accountability.

Trauma, Toxic Stress and Who I Am

 Robert Allan Shapiro, MD

Through lessons learned from the ACE study (Adverse Childhood Events) and recent discoveries about the biologic impact of toxic stress, we have a new appreciation of how early life experiences help to shape child development. For many children, teens and adults, the question to ask is "What happened to you"?, rather than "What is wrong with you"?

Impact of Social Media and Technology on Youth Communication & Culture

Nancy Jennings, Ph.D.

Today's youth are growing up in a digital world. These digital natives navigate a world of social media with their smart phones and encounter issues of privacy and bullying on a whole new level. In this workshop, you will learn the newest apps and sites teens and tweens are using today; how media and technology affects youth development; what resources are available to stay current with technological change and innovation; and practical solutions to practice, teach, and model responsible digital literacy skills.

Issues : Trending Topics

Dr. Kamaria Tyehimba, Erin Meyer, Shawn Jeffers & Meredith Hicks

A panel of local experts will address four of the biggest issues confronting transition-age youth in Hamilton County: Heroin, Human Trafficking, LGBTQ Identities and Youth Homelessness. Panelists will discuss the prevalence and impact of each issue as well as individual and organizational efforts to advance tenable solutions. Participants will also have an opportunity to engage in a Q & A session.

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