Workshop Session 1 | 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

We Offer 6.25 Counselor & Social Work CEUs

Conference Room 1

Engaging Youth in Improving Systems 

Isaiah Febus & Ryan Hall

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services

This workshop is an opportunity to learn new ideas for youth collaboration and about tools available to help youth find their voice. Participants will hear from young adults currently working with organizations trying to make a difference in their community and get a better understanding of the benefits of incorporating youth in policy changes.

Conference Room 2

Don't Hate Me, Love Me (Youth Only)

Devoe Sherman

First Generation Leaders of  America

During this interactive workshop, youth will be introduced to the pillars of effective leadership that will prepare them to serve their community and help their peers and adults overcome social gaps. Activities include vision and goal setting, persuasive communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, and team building.

Conference Room 3

Unpacking Privilege and Implicit Bias

Dr. Ndidi Unaka, Jamilah Hackworth

& Charla Weiss, Ph.D.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

The impact of bias in exacerbating health, economic, and education inequities in marginalized populations is well described and undeniable. This interactive workshop will unpack the role of privilege and implicit bias on our daily interactions with youth, families, colleagues and peers. We will highlight the distinction between explicit and implicit bias and discuss the factors that contribute to a significant reliance on implicit bias when making decisions. Additionally, we will define the concept of privilege and engage the audience through the use of videos and a group exercise. Finally, we will discuss the role of empathy and perspective taking in mitigating the negative consequences of bias.

Conference Room 4

Becoming a Young CEO (Youth Only)

Lawrence Cain Jr.

Abundance University

This workshop focuses the mindset and provides information that participants will need to manage being an entrepreneur. Participants will create sub teams with different roles and discuss how they can play their part to the best of their abilities while learning business finance terminology.


Workshop Session 2 | 1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Conference Room 1

Taking a Deeper Dive: Exploring How the Past Impacts Our Ability to Meet Youth Where They Are

La Shanda Sugg, LPC

Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting

When we think of trauma, we sometimes overlook developmental and relational trauma. Many of the struggles and challenges people encounter in the present are rooted in the worldviews, beliefs, and behavioral patterns they developed throughout their upbringing. Without realizing it, everything from how people view themselves to the expectations people have of others can be traced back to their past experiences. This engaging and experiential workshop provides space, time, and structure to explore these concepts.

Conference Room 2

RC After Dark Writing Workshop

Amanda Stoddard, Katerina Knehans & Bill Brown

Recovery Center of Hamilton County

RC After Dark promotes mental health and wellness via writing. This workshop is open to those who enjoy writing and need a welcoming environment to share their work with others. The aim of this workshop is to showcase how writing can benefit those struggling with mental health issues and be an integral part of the healing process. Any form of writing is welcome. We start with a sensory-driven prompt, write for fifteen minutes, and then share our work with one another and provide peer support while also offering constructive criticism to improve technique.

Conference Room 3

Intersections of Human Trafficking & Youth: Trauma-Responsive Strategies for Identification & Response

Erin Meyer

Salvation Army

Human trafficking is an issue that impacts this community in all areas and in various subpopulations, including youth. This workshop will focus on defining human trafficking under the laws, explore the identification of human trafficking among youth, and explore how to address it using trauma-responsive strategies and explore best practices in prevention programming. Understanding not only how to define and identify trafficking among youth, but also to respond and best practices for prevention is essential to supporting recovery for survivors and avoiding additional victimization.

Conference Room 4

Graffiti (Youth Only)

Youth and young adults will learn how to express their ideas through drawing and painting.

Conference Room 5

Poetry & Spoken Word (Youth Only)

This workshop is for youth and young adults who like to express themselves through the art of poetry and spoken word.  Participants will work on writing exercises and study the lyricism of well known poets and songwriters.

Banquet Room 1

Hip Hop Dance (Youth Only)

Youth and young adults will have an opportunity to express themselves through dance by learning a new dance routine.


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