Accepting workshop proposals for #askmewhoiam.

Deadline is May 20, 2022


Below are examples of workshops from 2021.


Lunch Keynote: Diana Chao

Dear Stranger: A Journey of Youth Mental Health

This presentation tells Diana’s personal story, from aspects of minority mental health like growing up below the poverty line with parents who didn’t speak English, to the power that even the smallest acts of kindness have had on her life. A fusion of spoken word, conceptual art, and letters written by young people around the world, this presentation is a testament to the power of second chances. Incorporated within are strategies for maintaining mental wellbeing for ourselves and each other. 

Afternoon Keynote: La Shanda Sugg

Where Have You Been? Understanding How the Past Impacts the Present

Our responses to others are a direct result of the stories we make up in our minds about who they are and why they do what they do.  Increased knowledge of the brain and body and of how a person’s past experiences have a direct impact on their development, can help us make sense of the actions of others. By understanding that a person’s past impacts their present, we can have more empathy for ourselves and others. 



Workshop Block 1 - 9:45am - 11:15am

Youth Mental Health Learnings & Strategies (Youth and Adult Workshop)
Diana Chao

This presentation is focused on in-depth, actionable mental health education with an intersectional lens. It provides an overview of mental health and mental illnesses, then dives deep into concrete strategies and acronyms one can use to support oneself and each other. The information in this presentation was developed through years of experience in the mental health field and countless interviews with people from all walks of life.

Moving from Transactional to Relational Engagement

Ashlee Young

This workshop explores the learnings gained from Urban League of Southwest Ohio's "Meet Us At The League" events to build relationships with the community to increase receptiveness to the COVID-19 vaccine. 



Creating a More Restorative Culture

David Weaver

This workshop will explore how our identities and their proximity to power often determine how we are impacted by change and our role in shifting culture. By exploring the role of culture, participants will learn strategies to develop trust, alignment of words & actions, clarity, and shared understanding.

Becoming A Young CEO (Youth Workshop)

Lawrence Cain
"Becoming A Young CEO" is a workshop that focuses the mindset and information the participants will need to manage being an entrepreneur. They will create sub teams with different roles, and discuss how they can play their part to the best of their abilities, while learning business finance terminology.




Workshop Block 2 - 1:15pm - 2:45pm


Taking a Deeper Dive: Exploring How the Past Impacts Our Ability to Meet Youth Where They Are
La Shanda Sugg

When we think of trauma, we sometimes overlook developmental and relational trauma. Many of the struggles and challenges people encounter in the present are rooted in the worldviews, beliefs, and behavioral patterns they developed throughout their upbringing.  Without realizing it, everything from how people view themselves to the expectations people have of others can be traced back to their past experiences.  This engaging and experiential workshop provides space, time, and structure to explore these concepts.


Engaging Youth in Changing Systems
Isaiah Febus & Ryan Hall

Workshop would be a PowerPoint presentation with one to two activities that would allow group discussion with one of the two young adults that will be presenting with myself and Ryan. We will allow time at the end of our presentation for the group to ask the young adults questions about their own personal experiences with engaging in organizations.


Naomi Osaka: Film Screening & Discussion
Dr. Tynisha Worthy & Shawn Jeffers

In the past few months, we have witnessed Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles among other athletes needing to take a step back to focus on their mental health. In this workshop, participants will watch Episode 1 "Rise" of the Naomi Osaka docu-series highlighting Naomi Osaka's rise as a tennis champion and the challenges she faced on and off the court. After the screening, we will have facilitated discussion exploring themes that emerge from the screening, mental health, anxiety & depression, impact of social media, and exploring the impact Naomi's story can have for the young people we work with.

Afternoon Youth Workshops 

(repeated from 1:15pm - 1:55pm and again from 2:05pm - 2:45pm.

RC After Dark Writing Workshop (Youth Workshop)
Amanda Stoddard, 
Bill Brown, and Katarina Knehans

RC After Dark aims to promote mental health and wellness with a writing workshop. This event is open to those who enjoy writing and need a welcoming environment to share their work with others. The aim of this workshop is to showcase how writing can benefit those struggling with mental health issues and be an integral part of the healing process. Any form of writing welcome. We start with a sensory-driven prompt, write for fifteen minutes, and then share our work with one another and provide peer support while also offering constructive criticism to improve technique.

Yoga (Youth Workshop)
Lauren Cole 

Join yoga instructor Lauren for a beginner-friendly yoga class. In this 35-minute flow, we'll move and breathe as a class, no experience necessary. Yoga mats will be provided. All you need to bring is yourself, dressed in comfortable clothing. 


Vision Boards (Youth Workshop
Kimberly Rhyan

What do you want for your future? Prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything. You are not a # or label - You determine your own success. Vision boards help us imagine and complete small or big goals.  Goal-setting develops focus and strengthens our intention to make a vision a reality. This workshop will be led by artist, mental health advocate, and resiliency speaker, Kimberly Rhyan, she will guide everyone through the creative process to make soul-inspired vision boards. Participants will also have the chance to celebrate and share their boards with their peers. If you are ready to GET FOCUSED and HAVE FUN in a supportive environment, this is your opportunity to grow and express your creativity!